Posted: September 17, 2008 in Religious

I absolutely love Rob Thomas. His song Little Wonders is what I have posted above. That was the first song I ever listened to of his and it will always be my favorite!! Christian is another of my favorite kinds of music to listen to. I listen to it everyday and on a whole bunch of stations, I just tune the radio, blast the volume and I’m set. I have a number of bands to recommend you listen to (if you’re in to Christian music). I have been in to this kind of music for quite a while, I just think it is very relaxing if I’m under a stressful atmosphere and listening to it just calms and lays me back.

This kind of music is Religious/Alternative. Most people think Religious music is all worshiping and full on Hallalujas, but it is the complete opposite now-a-days. It is mostly rock or alternative and I can’t get enough of it. In my opinion anyone reading this who is religious and hasen’t listened to Rob Thomas, GO LISTEN TO HIM!! You won’t hate I promise you.


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