Jordin Sparks(NO AIR ft. Chris Brown)

Posted: September 19, 2008 in pop rock, soft/Alternative

Since America Idol, Jordin Sparks has been an exceptional singer. Here is a picture of her and a video duet with Chris Brown called, No Air. I’m sure all of America (and many other countries) has heard it.

To the left is a picture of American Idol and singer Jordin Sparks, only 18 years old.. her father Philippi Sparks of the NFL and Sparks are living in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, Your Prom, and World and was featured on VIBE, TV Guide, and Glamour.  

“No Air” was number 3 on the top charts and was the best selling song from any American Idol singer. It sold 2 million downloads and had over 200,000 units sold. She was worldwide because of this song. Jordin was huge in New Zealand, the UK, and as well as Australia. 




  1. Kaitlin says:

    This song is amazing. They are both beautiful people. :] After reading this I learned that she was big world wide. I actually did not know that. Doesn’t surprise me a bit though because she is so good. Loving your blogs girl. Keep it going. Oh and next I am going to listen to the guy I have never heard of, Rob Thomas or whatever his name is.

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