Starfield(REIGN IN US)

Posted: January 15, 2009 in Religious

starfield-iwillgo2008Starfield has released so many amazing songs. My favorites are Reign In Us and Over My Head. Starfield origionated in Canada and are a Christian band. They have songs and albums that are charted in Canada, United Kingdom, and United States. In Canada they’ve won multiple Covenant awards. Starfield’s self-published album was released in 2001 by the Starfield Independent Music Group. In 2004 Starfield’s first international album, Starfield, was released by Sparrow Records. The album included song, Tumbling After, which appeared on television show Arcadia. This band includes Tim Neufeld on lead vocals and guitar, brother Jon Neufeld for vocals and guitar, Gordie Cochran on drums, and David Crisp.

Starfield was origionally formed by brothers Tim and Jon Neufeld. After several years of living in Nashville, the band moved back to Canada in 2006.


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