Audio Adrenaline(OCEAN FLOOR)

Posted: January 26, 2009 in Religious, rock

audio_adrenalineAudio Adrenaline: Being an award- winning Christian Rock band, Audio Adrenaline formed in the 1980’s at Kentucky Christian College. Since they’ve been known, Audio Adrenaline has won two Grammy’s and multiple Dove Awards along with releasing 17 number one singles. MercyMe, Sanctus Real, and Hawk Nelson have been influenced by Audio Adrenaline and all of these band members names below have been with or were with Audio Adrenaline for their last shows.

Mark Stuart for vocals and guitar, Will McGinness with vocals and bass guitar, Tyler Burkum, Guitar, vocals and keyboard, Ben Cissell on drums, Brian Whitman on Guitar and vocals, Bob Herdman with keyboard and guitar, Barry Blair on guitar and vocals, David Stuart on keyboard and vocals, Jonathan Schneck on backup guitar and backing vocals( Now with Relient K), Brian McSweeney with guitar and vocals( Replacing Barry Blair and filled in for Tyler Burkum on final shows), and Jared Byers on drums and filled in for Ben Cissell for final shows.


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