Senses Fail(CAN’T BE SAVED)

Posted: April 13, 2009 in Punk, Religious, rock

Senses Fail


The band Senses Fail was formed in ’03 when Buddy Nielsen began recruiting band members through and ad on the internet in 2002. Their musical influences include Punk and Hardcore with a mix of emotion, spirituality and literature. Lead singer Nielsen explains, “In Buddhism, they believe that being alive is hell, and the only way to reach Nirvana is to ultimately have no attachments to anything. So, people go out and live in the middle of the woods and they don’t eat and don’t drink. They just meditate because they’ve reached such a high level where they’re not attached to love, relationships or anything. And if you want to reach the highest level of being and see God, you have to have all your senses fail.”


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